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Some Odd Grammar Rules That You Must Know

Some Odd Grammar Rules That You Must Know

Are you a stickler for proper grammatical usage? Perhaps you’d even describe yourself as a grammatical nerd? Whether you’re someone who takes pleasure in their impeccable grammar or a clueless essay writer in need of a few pointers, this blog will introduce you to some of the more odd grammatical rules you should be aware of. Else the professional assignment editing¬†service expert can help you throughout the editing process.

Below are six common grammar errors we frequently see in professional publications such as newspapers, magazines, and even best-selling novels, not only in undergraduate essays. With that in mind, here are a few odd grammar rules you may not be aware of.

What is the difference between Which and That?

This is a common blunder that even skilled writers commit from time to time. You may believe that these two terms are interchangeable, but they are not.

That’ is a restrictive pronoun; therefore, it’s important to the noun it’s referring to; for example, I don’t trust used autos that aren’t brand new. As a result, I trust all virtually new secondhand autos in this case.

‘Which’ introduces a relative clause that allows for non-essential qualifiers, such as ‘I only trust virtually new second hand autos from the Ford or Renault garage.’ While ‘that’ restricts, ‘which’ adds extra information.

May and Might are two different words for the same thing.

Most people believe these two words are interchangeable, yet there is a slight distinction in their meaning. Take college assignment help and solve all your concerns.

The word may connote a possibility, whereas the word might connote a great deal of ambiguity. ‘I might fall over if I drink all that wine,’ for example, suggests.

For example, ‘I might fall over if I drink all that wine’ means there’s a considerable probability of falling over, whereas ‘I might start singing once the karaoke starts’ says that it’s not likely.

Less and Fewer

This is a great illustration of a grammar rule in essay writing that is frequently broken. Fortunately, it’s a really simple one to remember.

‘Less’ is used to describe hypothetical amounts, while ‘few’ and ‘fewer’ describe quantifiable goods. ‘Now that we have fewer than five staff, the firm is less interesting to work for,’ for example.

Affect and Outcome

This isn’t so much an example of a strange grammatical rule as it is a rule that you must know. Both of these are important.

However, it’s incredible how many people get them wrong. It is, nevertheless, extremely simple to distinguish between the two.

The term “affect” refers to the effect or source of perception, such as “alcohol’s effects can be harmful.” the word ‘effect’ is usually always a noun, while ‘effect’ is almost always a verb. As a result, ‘alcohol’s effects can be detrimental’ explains the result or conclusion of using alcohol.


This does not fall within the category of strange grammar rules. Instead, it’s simply a term that isn’t a word, bred in the corporate jungle. Please, no matter how ‘impactful’ you want to be, don’t use it.

Using a Comma with Adjectives

– Separate coordinate adjectives with commas, like in: ‘The untidy, bright man was always.’
The usage of a comma with descriptive adjectives is also dictated by the adjective’s class, such as age, size, color, shape, substance, origin, and general. If you have more than one adjective from the same class, use a comma to separate them: ‘The sad, broken guy fell into the filthy, muddy lake.’

Are you having trouble with your grammar?

We take pride in employing both well-known and lesser-known grammar rules. So, if you’re worried about the strange grammar standards in essay writing, we’ll be pleased to assist you by thoroughly reviewing your essay and ensuring that it expresses precisely what you wanted it to say.

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